Disney survey asks guests for feedback on a potential tier ticket price structure with date and price breakdown.

How Much Will You Pay to Go to Disney World?

Disney World sends surveys to previous guests to gauge feedback regarding implementing tiered pricing park tickets for peak days/season during the year. Several guests have taken to chat boards and groups regarding a survey being received from … Read More...

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Favorite Photos from March 2014

I am really not sure where the month of March went, but it is gone.  Wow what a month too!  Gabe was here twice to visit, once on leave and the other because of recovering for a back surgery.  Courtney had oral … Read More...


Favorite Photos from February 2014

I can't believe how fast February flew by!  I feel like I barely took any photos at all, but when I go back into my files I see I took a few thousand!  It really was an exciting month.  My eldest daughter got … Read More...