41 Ways to Show your Disney Side

As you may have heard, we were selected to host a Disney Side celebration, and as I was thinking on what we would do for our celebration, I started thinking about all the ways you could show your Disney Side at home.

I know that feeling of LONGING to return to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  Not being sure when your next trip was going to be and wanting nothing more than to relive the magic of your last vacation.  Back then, before moving to be closer to Disney World, I would start doing anything Disney I could to releave some of the longing.  Now that Disney is asking us to show them our Disney Side, I got to thinking of all the ways someone could show their Disney Side and have some relief.  So here you go, 41 ways to show your Disney Side.

  1. Wear your Mickey Ears EVERYWHERE you go all day
  2. Download the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it, music on your phone.  Stop whatever you are doing at 2:45 & 4:20, start the music and DANCE
  3. Tell everyone you see to Have a “Magical Day”
  4. Wake your family up an hour early for Extra Magic Hours, Serve them Mickey Pancakes or Waffles for breakfast during your EMH
  5. Right at bedtime tell everyone to get in the car and head for Extra Magic Hours Ice Cream, or a Late Night Movie
  6. Wear your Disney Pin trading lanyard
  7. Call little girls Princess and little Boys Sir or Prince
  8. Disney Side Dining Meal VoucherMake a your family eat from a Meal Plan for the week.  Give each member a ticket book with a set number of Dining Tickets, Snack Tickets, Quick Service Tickets {FREE Disney Side Dining Plan Vouchers Printable}.  Make a Poster with a chart how each ticket is redeemable.  Don’t forget to make some extra WDW Snacks {Rice Krispy treats, cookies, muffins….}
  9. Hidden Mickey Hunt – Option 1 – Grab sidewalk chalk and go for a walk in your neighborhood, draw hidden Mickey’s in different locations.  Make a map of the area where you drew your hidden Mickey’s and tell your family it’s time to go on a Hidden Mickey Hunt.  Take pictures and video of your kids hunting for your planted Hidden Mickey’s
  10. Hidden Mickey Hunt – Option 2 – Go on a walk and find all the natural hidden Mickey’s in your neighborhood.
  11. Point with two fingers instead of one, every time
  12. Disney Side FastPassesDistribute FastPasses to your family members for various things…. (FP come back times for the bathroom, choosing what the family watches on tv, First helping of dessert, Mom or Dad time, front seat of the car…) – – FREE FastPass Printables
  13. Fold Washcloths in the shape of Mickey Heads and put on all the beds in your house.mickey-mouse-towel-head
  14. Make Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches
  15. Set up your own Bibbity Bobbity Boutique – Turn yourself, your daughter, granddaughter & their friends into Princesses
  16. Set up your own Pirates League – Turn your family into a bunch of pirates and pirate princesses
  17. Watch The Twilight Zones Little Girl Lost episode from season three.  This was the episode that inspired much of the ride.  http://www.mouseonthemind.com/the-twilight-zone/
  18. Make Ice Cream Sundaes, head outside and sit on the curb and wait for the 3:00 parade
  19. Have a Disney Parade, with the help of your neighbors, get the kids together to decorate their bikes, wagons, scooters and play cars.  Put fliers on the doors of your neighbors with a times guide and telling them to make sure to grab their seats early {on the curb}
  20. Surprise your family with a little Wishes – Get Sparklers, or Sparkle Candles, put in Cake, turn off lights, play Wishes while the sparklers glow.
  21. Make an entire meal Mickey Shaped
    1. Dinner Options
      1. Meatloaf
      2. Mashed Potatoes
      3. Biscuits
      4. Hamburgers
    2. Breakfast Options
      1. waffles
      2. pancakes
      3. muffins
      4. fruit cut outs
      5. eggs
    3. Lunch Option
      1. sandwich cutouts
      2. snack tray with meat & cheese cut outs
  22. Where your Magicband, or make one and wear it
  23. Make Your Own Pixie Dust, and sprinkle it on the heads of all who need a little a magic that dayDisney Side Pixie Dust
  24. Serve your family and friends giant turkey legs
  25. Make your own Dole Whip – RECIPE HERE & HERE & HERE
  26. Host a Meet and Greet with the characters – setup your Disney character stuffies and dolls, and take pictures with the characters!
  27. Do Random Acts of Magic and leave this note behind {FREE Printable} – but you CAN’T be seen doing the Magicrandom-acts-of-magic
  28. Send a Mickey Pizza to a child in the hospital – Call you local Pizza Delivery and ask them to place the Pepperoni’s in the shape of a Mickey Head and deliver it to a family in the hospital {this may take some work finding a family}
  29. Decorate your Car like you are headed out on a Disney Vacation:
    1. Honk if you Wish you were are Disney
    2. Wishing I was heading to Disney
    3. Honk to Show your Disney Side
  30. Make a movie or slide show {here are some resources} of your last Disney vacation, or a compilation of all your Disney vacations and have a family movie night
  31. Fill your house or a room with Disney balloons – Go to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of their Disney Character and themed balloons
  32. Take your favorite photo from your Disney vacation and turn it into a giant piece of wall art {instructions here} or into a collage of wall art {instructions here}
  33. Gather as much random bits of Disney trivia {from the parks to the movies} and host a game night.  Winner gets a set of Mickey Ears or another Souvenir
  34. Flat People with Mickey Ears – get butcher paper, lay down on the paper and have someone trace around you {or you trace around your children} color your flat person in your favorite Disney parks attire.  Don’t forget the Mickey ears, ponchos and cameras!
  35. Scrapbook Day – get out those photos you need to scrapbook and make those pages
  36. Speaking of Scrapbooking – Take out your Disney Scrapbooks and go through them with your family – Take out your favorite pages, take out your favorite pages and DISPLAY them
  37. Go through the countries of It’s a Small World and learn something new from each.  Maybe a recipe, or a craft, or a movie….
  38. Disney Side Food and Wine FestivalHost your own Food and Wine Festival – There are several ways to do this:
    1. Make a dessert from each country
    2. A Wine tasting party, with wines from each country
    3. A Potluck, each guest is assigned a country and needs to bring a main dish, or a dessert or an appetizer and a bottle of wine from that country
    4. A Progressive Dinner  – the first and the last stop are the same home – gather a group of friends and each person hosts a different country.  You spend 45 minutes at each country before traveling to the next one.
  39. Murder Mystery party – A who dunnit…. Was it you Rapunzel, with your Hair?!?!? For inspiration, I recommend looking here
  40. A Haunted Mansion themed party – not just for Halloween, but a great Haunted Mansion party in the middle of summer, screams Disney Side – Inspirations Found Here {FREE party Printables Coming in February from Homeketeers}

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