Disney’s 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios

Pat has been working on a post about all the bars through out Walt Disney World, so on one particular evening in Hollywood Studios, we had to stop at one of their two bars and take some pictures and get a drink, of course!  Now this particular bar is attached to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, so I meandered on over to take a few pictures.  Well I met some of the BEST waitresses and hostesses EVER!  They were so much fun!  We took several pictures, and even though I should have been focusing on taking pictures of the restaurant, the menu, the food… I really didn’t…. I will be going back soon to take a full set of photos, but I thought I would share with you these FANTASTIC ladies, so if and when you dine there you can be on the look out for them!


  1. Jennifer DuPrey says

    I love the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Had the most wonderful experience there on our last visit. It was our son’s birthday and our cousin “passed” a card around to all of our family. My son got birthday wishes from people from England. So cool. Plus it was funny to see my son try not to put his elbows on the table.

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