FREE Souvenir from Epcot’s France Pavilion

IMG_8232Did you know that you can get a nice little souvenir from France in the World Showcase at Epcot?  It was about nine months ago when I stumbled upon this little gem….

In France I LOVE to get a Grand Manier Slush from the the Beverage “Cart”.  It is the same cart that serves the wine and champagne.  I just happened to notice that they had a bucket of wine and champagne corks.  Well being how I am all creative and that, I was like OOOOHHHHH, I want!!!!  So I asked the Cast Member if I could have them and they said YES!

IMG_8235 IMG_8234

So throughout the time we have lived here, I have learned that it is best to have a bag to put these babies in, and their bucket of corks fills up at least three times a day.  So if you want to be greedy you can get A LOT of them…. but if you just want to make a cute little craft (I am posting a Disney Trading Pin Board I made with them over at Homeketeers) with them, then just take what you think you will need.  But what a fun way to bring home some of the magic for a craft project.


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