Have you Visited with Merida from Brave at Magic Kingdom?

We have lived here 13 months.  Not one time in the last 13 months have we been able to catch the Merida line short enough to wait in for Carson to meet her.  We walk by her meet and greet almost every time we are in Magic Kingdom.  You see Merida is a very popular princess, and her line is usually always more than a 45 minute wait.  With no fast pass option either.  Because of this, we can’t do it.  Carson doesn’t last much more than 30 minutes per line.


Well the other day, we happened to walk by her and there was NO line, well outside of the meet and greet area.  So of course we RAN and jumped in line.  We were immediately taken inside and I waited in the line along the side while Patrick and Becca took care of keeping Carson and Courtney happy off to the wheelchair side.

I have several two I have been wanting to say about this particular Meet and Greet, as well as the Area where it is held.  My statements below are purely my own opinions, thoughts and feelings.

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!!  Out of all the princesses we have met at Walt Disney World, this particular Merida was my absolute FAVORITE!  Besides being gorgeous, she spent quality time with every one of the children in the line.  She got down and talked to them, she let them ask her questions.  There was ZERO feeling of being rushed EVER.  She was MAGNIFICENT!  I wish I could give her praise to her bosses.  Disney did a GREAT hire with this Merida.  She will forever be Merida to us and I am hoping if we can ever find the line that short again, we will get to have her again!
  2. The meet and greet inside area – – HECK yes!!!!  I want to do my backyard (when we find a house) like this!  I love that where the coloring table and archer are could easily be turned into a splash pad area or a very shallow beach type pool and splash area.  With the upper deck (where you meet Merida) turned into chairs, tables and outdoor living area.  Seriously Love the layout of this area!  Only change I would make, no stairs on the one side, both sides would be ramps down.

Okay now on to the pictures so you can see what I mean (to make the images larger, just click and they pop up in lightbox for you)



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    Merida is my favorite too! We’ve met her twice. Both times it was a different girl and both times she was amazing! They do really well with their Merida’s at Disney. 😉

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      She is my favorite princess, so I was thrilled to finally get the chance. And this Merida was AMAZING. I can’t speak highly enough at how excellent she was with the children, with the families and how well she portrayed her part.

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