Scavenger Hunt in Magic Kingdom WDW

So Becca and I got our hair done this week, at the same salon that i found when we first moved here.  The Bamboo Salon.  (LOVE it there)  Libby and Miranda are the two stylists.  Libby is the owner and Miranda’s mother.  They are both excellent with hair color and cuts.  This is a Paul Mitchell Salon, and they carry a full arrangement of products.  Any way, both of us were due for highlights, so we both made appointments.  Mine was Wednesday and Becca was yesterday, Thursday.  So when we went to go pick up Becca, Carson and I went in.  Well Miranda was working on highlights on another customer while Becca was getting her haircut.

Libby mentions that I could help the customer Miranda is working on, you see she is turning 21 on Sunday and wants to do a scavenger hunt in Magic Kingdom. That is how this whole thing started.

So I got to talking to Nicole, the girl in Miranda’s chair.  She is turning 21 on Sunday, in the Disney College program, from South Jersey, earned her degree in Engineering, her favorite number is 7 and her favorite princess is Ariel.  Well I started asking questions, like you know about the phones in the park that you can listen to conversations on, right?  And no she didn’t.  So I decided I would go ahead and put together a scavenger hunt of 21 things for her 21st birthday.  She asked for a things included, like 7 of something, and she wanted the teams to have to collect some things.

So after much research, a few hours, and some great fun this is what we sent her:

21st Birthday Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt

  1. Where is the Hidden Mickey in:
    1. It’s a Small World
    2. Near Astro Orbiter
    3. Jungle Cruise
    4. Swiss Family Tree House
    5. Splash Mountain
    6. Thunder Mountain Railroad
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean
  2. Get a picture of someone in mid-jump in front of the entry to a new land (NOT a team member)
  3. Celebration Buttons – take a picture of the following buttons on different visitors:
    1. 1st Visit
    2. Birthday
    3. Anniversary
    4. Just Engaged or Just Retired
  4. Character picture with the team
  5. Mickey Mouse Stickers from 5 different cast members – write down cast member name and where cast member is from
  6. Find and take a picture with a cast member that is from Jersey
  7. Get a transportation card (before you enter the park)
  8. Where is a phone that when you pick it up, you can listen to a private conversation? (Hint: There are two) MS & TL
  9. What game are the two skeletons playing in jail? (hint: in a line queue) AL
  10. Where can find this Survey Marker? (image of a survey marker) (Hint: There are at least 5 throughout MK)
  11. “I knew a man with a wooden leg name Smith.”  “What’s the name of his other leg?” – Take a picture of the wooden leg.  FL
  12. Where can you hear a dance class being taught? (Hint: Be careful when you enter the doors near here, you don’t want to break anything) MS
  13. Did you know Stitch is flying around at the end of the Buzz Lightyear ride?  Take a picture of Experiment 626.  (Hint: not on the ride) TL
  14. Find the Hippogrifs, there are two, take a picture.  (Hint:  they are guarding two sets of stairs) FL
  15. On Pirates who do the cast members say good night to at the end of the day, in order for the ride to work well the next day?  AL
  16. Get a guide map for any other park than MK from a guest.
  17. Get an Autograph from each princess (Child Guest Princesses – NOT cast members)
    1. Belle
    2. Jasmine
    3. Cinderella
    4. Auroa
    5. Snow Wwite
    6. Tiana
    7. Merida
    8. Ariel
  18. Get some Pixie Dust
  19. Become a Sorcerer – Collect a Map, a Key and Spell Cards.  MS
  20. Get a We Are Celebrating button with “It’s Nicole’s 21st B-Day” MS
  21. Get a penny pressed at Space Mountain TL

So that’s it… If you do this please share!  I can’t wait to share her photos from Sunday with everyone!

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